Danish Labor Market Insurance

As part of my time at Netcompany we developed a new case management system for the danish labor market insurance. Requiring a wide range of complex business rules and third party integrations.

  • .NET Core
  • Angular
  • SQL

Improving Learning Plans with Peer Goal Revision

My final thesis work was conducted through a collaboration with professors at both DTU and KAIST. Based on previous work, I designed and tested a way of creating plans broken into small actionable steps. Furthermore, I created a prototype web-app based on these initial findings to test the hypothesis, that providing feedback to others’ learning plans will help improve one’s own.

  • React
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS


Cactus is a social platform for helping users reach their learning goals. Prototype was built as a cross platform mobile application, developed in React Native. The application utilized multiple ways of engaging users in their learning plans such as sharing of progress, gamification and feedback. Users were encouraged to share their progress such that they could grow a virtual Cactus. Especially this feature seemed to incentivise user to engage more with their learning.

  • React Native

Distanced Volume

As a project for the class Mobile and Pervasive Computing at KAIST I developed a mobile application for automatically adjusting the volume of a bluetooth speaker based on its distance from the device playing. This app was developed as a native android app.

  • Android
  • Java


Through a class project in Distributed Systems at KAIST, I, together with two classmates, designed a secure way of automatic authentication using multiple personal devices. We created an accompanying Proof of Concept as an android app to show the potential of the approach.

  • Android
  • Java